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Wee Care Daycare's full-time childcare program offers (6) six classrooms and  (4) four outdoor playgrounds, each of which are designed for a specific age group.  

This is done for safety and developmental purposes, and each program is created by our Educators in a manner that fosters curiosity and a love of learning.


Wee Care Daycare aims to encourage children’s learning experiences with self-respect, self-control, responsibility, and independence.


Wee Care Daycare's programs focus on developing a positive sense of self  for the child to explore the world around them in a supportive manner, so that the child may succeed.

Wee Care Daycare contributes their Mission, Philosophy, and Goals into the programs, and ensures that the atmosphere in each classroom and outdoor area is made and maintained with love.

Full-Time Childcare Fee's 

Development & Learning 

Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)

Policies & Agreements

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Around the Daycare

Wee Care Daycare & Drop-In Centre has many unique plans and areas around the daycare for hands on learning and interactions.  The interaction, plans, and areas change between the age range and developmental requirements, you will see these different in each child  group and room group.

Both our Full-time Programs and Drop-In Centre benefits from the planning that goes into these plans and interactions. 

Please note that it is Alberta Legislation requirements that dictate what we're allowed to do at our facility regarding ages and the amount of children in each room to facilitate the requirements. 

We note this as Ratios, we do our best to accommodate and the community, however we MUST adhere to the provincial Requirements and laws set forth by them. 

Please look into the rooms below for more details:

Wee Care Day Care Accepting Subsidy_edit
Wee Care Day Care Accepting Subsidy_edit
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Food & Meal Plans

Wee Care Daycare has an Alberta Health Service-approved kitchen with Cook on staff. Click to see Wee Care Daycare & Drop-In Centre's Winter/Fall Menu 

Animal Interaction 

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