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Baby Room

Age Range: 12 months – 18 months 

Staff to Child Ratio: 1:4 

Wee Care Daycare believes that a smooth transition from home to daycare is essential for a successful childcare experience.


Wee Care Daycare is committed to making the transition pleasant and comfortable for you and your child.

More than anything, children need to feel safe, loved, and cared for.

Our experienced educators give each child the personalized attention they deserve. 

At this age, your child’s mind is growing faster than ever.

Wee Care Daycare will make sure to give your child plenty of opportunities to learn and develop at their own pace.


Everyday routines and activities support social, physical, intellectual, creative, spiritual, cultural, and emotional development in your child.  


Contact Wee Care Daycare today to see how loved your child will be! 

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Baby Room, Wee Care Daycare and Drop-in
Baby Room, Wee Care Daycare and Drop-in
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