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We need to invest in our Grande Prairie & Surrounding Area and in the Province of Alberta to ensure that the child is first, that families have a safe and secure daycare and we want to help  so we can build in a SAFE, SUPPORTIVE & EMPOWERING place for children to learn & grow.

Wee Care Daycare & Drop-In Centre are a part of many local and provincial groups, advacacies, and foundations. 

Our Management Team, Owner, and Directors, feel the importance of these groups in so many ways, and give our time to ensure that in turn, the efforts placed into the not-for-profit work and boards will come back to the community and the evolving needs in childcare are addressed for our Grande Prairie needs, and those of the Province of Alberta. 

Click to learn more about these groups and how you can help. 

Events in and around Grande Prairie AB

No events at the moment
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