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Please note that this document automatically comes to our Facility and will be in process with our administration team. 

There is no need to call, email, text to confirm receipt.

Rest assured your application will be added to the que. 

Please note that it is Alberta Legislation requirements that dictate what we're allowed to do at our facility regarding ages and the amount of children in each room to facilitate the requirements. 

We note this as Ratios, we do our best to accommodate and the community, however we MUST adhere to the provincial Requirements and laws set forth by them. 

Each room can only have a certain amount of children, and currently our Full-Time Program is Waitlist with no knowledge of the timeline that we will be able to accept new children. 

Please note that at this time we have a high volume of applicants

and no estimated wait time is available.

Sign up to receive the first word when we have availability for your child. 

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