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Association of Alberta Childcare Entrepreneurs (AACE) is a not for profit organization created by a group of private childcare centre owners. It was founded in December 2021 when the Alberta Government began sending out communications about the Affordability Grant program. It began as a group of concerned operators who could not find the answers to their questions, who then formed an alliance to support each other. 


Since this time, we have continued to attract more and more concerned operators as the Government plans to move toward a cost control framework. This framework will have grave financial impacts to our centres.


While our current focus is heavily on advocacy, we plan to branch out with further resources and supports in the future. 

Advocacy Call to Action

We call upon the Alberta Ministry of Children Services to reconsider their position on the following three issues.

While many families have received financial benefit of childcare Affordability Grants and Subsidies, many families sit on the sidelines unable to access these grants, as either spaces are not readily available, or their childcare provider was declined the ability to offer the spaces with grants. 

We call upon the Ministry of Children Services to immediately change their mandate, and offer all grants, to all families, on an equal basis.

The government of Alberta is influenced by Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal government, dictating how childcare is to change in the future. A one size fits all approach is being proposed which will limit true parental choice.

We call upon the Ministry of Children Services to counter Ottawa’s directive, telling them that the future of the childcare industry in Alberta is not negotiable and parents alone will decide by having a wide variety of choice.

Rather than spending 18+ million tax payer dollars per year on auditing child care programs for funds that should be given directly to parents, we demand that the government fund the parents directly, much like Quebec does, and instead uses these audit funds to focus on staff attraction and retention. Early Childhood Educators are critical to the positive life trajectory of each child in their care, this has been proven time and time again. It is high time they are treated as such!

We call upon the Ministry of Children Services to redirect funds to staff attraction and retention measures.

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We are actively participating in Advocacy opportunities to support our community.

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