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Off-site Activities/Field Trips


Wee Care will establish practices to protect children’s safety during off-site activities and field trips.


1. Employees are encouraged and able to plan in their program planning for off-site activities; however, these need to be arranged and approved by the director.

2. Families are encouraged to volunteer on field trips and outings that Wee Care Daycare plans for the children.

3. For each activity, Wee Care Daycare needs to advise families of the activity in advance, including transportation and supervision arrangements.

4. Families must sign consent forms before each off-site activity. The signed consent form will be kept in the children’s file.

5. The educators need to take portable emergency records for the children in case of an emergency. Information includes the telephone numbers of the local emergency response, 911, Fire, Police, Ambulance, the poison control center number, and the first aid kit.

6. Before each field trip, safety rules will be reviewed with children and chaperones.

7. All transport safety rules will be followed when transporting the child to and from field trips.

8. Employees will prepare children for outings by explaining where they are going, what will happen, whom and what they will see and whom they need to listen to.

9. While on a field trip, we will do our best to have extra staff available.

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