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Diapering will be carried out safely and safely to prevent and decrease the spread of germs, illnesses, and diseases and provide safety to the child being diapered. Following proper

procedures and room setup will also reduce the contamination of the surroundings (hands, furnishings, and floors). This policy applies every time any employee changes a diaper.


1. Diapers are changed only in designated diaper changing areas.

2. There are scheduled diapering times throughout the day, but diaper changes occur when needed between these times.

3. Each diaper change is recorded using the Hi Mama program.

4. The diapering change table is positioned to allow proper supervision of the other children in the room and not be in the food preparation area.

5. A child is never left unattended while on the changing table.

6. The diapering change table is sturdy, with a waterproof pad in good condition (no cracks or rips). The table is placed on a washable floor surface (tile or linoleum) that can be cleaned and sanitized.

7. All diaper changing supplies that will present a hazard to children (sanitizing solution) are not accessible to the children.

8. Diaper changing tables are not used to store or put items on (toys, food, papers etc.) other than diaper changing things.

9. A sink is close to the diapering area to allow for proper hand washing of the employees and child hand washing.

10. Diapers are placed in a trash can that is covered, foot-activated and has a plastic garbage bag inside. Diaper garbage is taken out daily.

11. Changing tables and mats are disinfected with the sanitization solution between diaper changes. Each day the changing table pad and under the place must be wiped down. Weekly, the changing table needs to be emptied and wiped clean, and the bins must be cleaned. The diapers and wipes must be organized and put back neatly.

12. Potty seats are disinfected and cleaned after each use and at the end of every day.

13. New employees will be trained on this policy and procedure during orientation. The new employee will review the policy and practice and answer any questions. A demonstration will be carried out by either an employee or the director. When this is completed, the new employee will sign off on the policy and procedure, stating they understand and agree to follow.

14. The director monitors educators regularly to ensure they are correctly following the diapering procedure.

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