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We Believe

in a SAFE, SUPPORTIVE & EMPOWERING place for children to learn & grow.

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Love & care for when you're not there.

What We Offer:

Wee Care Daycare & Drop-In Centre provides high-quality childcare in a safe and nurturing environment, where our focus is:

Children come first.

You will see this philosophy within all programs designed and implemented by our facility. 

By putting children first, Wee Care Daycare & Drop-In Centre is able to view the child's individual needs for optimum growth.
We then seek to provide play opportunities at their level of development.

By building our programs in this manner, Wee Care Daycare & Drop-In Centre is able to support growth and development in social, physical, intellectual, creative, spiritual, cultural, and emotional ways, fulfilling the child's development and helping them succeed.


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