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TV, Computer, and Video Games


Wee Care Daycare believes that children learn best through play. We provide numerous play- based learning centers for the children, which allows the children to move freely from center to center. Therefore, the use of computer and video games are not permitted. The use of a TV is to be kept to a special occasion.

1. There are five main computers, three in the main office, one in the drop-in office and one in the hallway upstairs that is used for planning.

2. If a classroom wants to use a TV for a special occasion, the movie must align with programming and be approved by the director ahead of time.

3. Families will be notified of the movie.

4. There is no video game use in the daycare at any time.

5. Portable video games are not allowed at daycare. Children who bring these into the daycare will be told to put them in their cubbies.

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