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Potential Health Risks


Wee Care Daycare will ensure that all children are safe from Potential Health Risks while attending our center.


1. Children cannot attend the center if illness prevents them from participating in regular daily routines or if attendance could harm themselves or others. If you feel your child is too sick to participate in the daily activities of daycare, including outside time, they are too ill to be at daycare. Where an employee knows or has reason to believe that a child is exhibiting signs or symptoms of illness, the director must ensure that the child’s parent arranges for the immediate removal of the child from the program premises. Signs or symptoms of illness exhibited by a child include the following:

(a) Vomiting, fever 100.3, diarrhea or a new or unexplained rash or cough.

(b) They require greater care and attention than can be provided without compromising the care of the other children in the program.

(c) Having or displaying any other illness or symptom the employee knows or believes may indicate that the child poses a health risk to persons on the program premises.

2. Where an employee knows or has reason to believe a child is sick at the daycare, the child will be kept as far away as practicable from the other children and directly supervised by a primary educator.

3. A child removed from the daycare will only be permitted back once the director is satisfied that the child no longer poses a health risk to the other children or employees. Proof that the child can return to daycare may include a doctor’s note stating that the child is not a health risk, the child has been on doctor-prescribed medication for a minimum of 24 hours, or the child has been symptom-free of the symptoms for the past 24 hours.

4. The program will record and document children who are ill, including the name of the child, date the child was observed to be ill, name of the employee who identified the child was ill, time the parent was initially contacted, name of the employee who contacted the parent,

time the child was removed from the program and the date the child returned to the program on the illness form.

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