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Wee Care Daycare ensures that all children receive nutritious meals and snacks. Wee Care Daycare follows the Canada Food Guide when planning the weekly menus. Preparing and serving meals and snacks will meet health and safety requirements.


1. Weekly menus, including snacks and meals, will be posted.

2. The approximate times that the snacks and lunch are served are as follows:

· Morning Snack between 9:00 am – 9:30 am

· Lunch between 11:30 am – 12:00 pm

· Afternoon Snack between 3:00 am – 3:30 pm

3. Appropriate quantity will be given based on each child’s needs.

2. Food allergies and special diets will be posted. Families and employees will work together to ensure food substitutions where necessary.

3. Food will be stored, handled, prepared, and served to ensure food safety and avoid food-borne diseases.

4. Mothers who wish to continue breastfeeding their infants (exclusively or with supplemental formula) will be supported by employees.

5. If families wish to bring in treats for their child’s birthday or any other occasion, the item must be peanut-free and arranged ahead of time with the educators.

6. Full-day children will receive 75% of the daily required nutrition in the Canada Food Guide.

7. Families who bring food from home still need to meet the standards of the Canada Food Guide. If families do not provide meals and snacks that meet the standards set by the Canada Food Guide, Wee Care Daycare will supplement the child’s meals and snacks. The director will support the families by educating them on proper snacks and lunch.

8. Wee Care Daycare will always have copies of the Canada Food Guide available for parents.

9. Menus will be reviewed monthly by the director to ensure that proper nutrition, according to the Canada Food Guide, is met.

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