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Wee Care Daycare can administer medication to a child by the following procedures:


1. Families must fill out and sign a Record of Medication Form giving employees of Wee Care Daycare permission

distributed or accepted by employees unless this form is filled out entirely with the correct information.

2. The medication must be in the original container with the child’s name and the dosage amount shown. If it is a prescription medication, the label must be from a pharmacy. If the medication is not prescription, the instructions on the packaging must be legible.

3. Medication will only be administered according to labelled directions.

4. Families will provide information regarding the last time they administered the medication upon drop off.

5. Only employees with a current First Aid Certificate will administer medication.

6. After administering the medication, employees must record the date, time, medicine name, and dosage on the same Record of Medicine Form the families signed. The employee must sign the form, and if a second employee is present, that person must sign as a witness.

7. All medication is stored in a locked box, inaccessible to the children. Two lock boxes are in the office for medicinal storage. One lockbox is in the refrigerator for medication that needs to be refrigerated. The other lockbox is in the far bottom cupboard for all other medications.

8. Medications needed for emergencies are stored in the emergency bag in the child’s room. It is kept inaccessible to the children (i.e., Epi-Pen, inhaler). Suppose a child needs emergency medication and moves to another room. In that case, employees must ensure that the emergency medication and the Record of Medication Form move to the new room with the child.

9. A list of children requiring emergency medication is posted in every room. Employees must know which children have medication, when and how to administer the medication, and where the medication is located.

10. The allergy and medication list will be updated monthly or as needed.

11. If an Epi-pen is administered, 911 must be called immediately.

12. Employees will observe children for allergic reactions after administering medication or herbal remedies. If a severe allergic reaction does occur, 911 will be called. If there is any reaction, families will be notified immediately.

13. Employees responsible for a child who requires health care or medication are certified in First Aid; therefore, they can provide the proper method of administering the type of health care required.

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