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Incident and Accident


It is the responsibility of Wee Care Daycare to maintain the safety of the children while they are accessing our childcare services. Therefore, if any incident or accident occurs while they are in care, it is the responsibility of the educators to attend to, record and report these to appropriate authorities.


1. Families must be notified of all incidents and accidents that occur while their child is in the care of Wee Care Daycare.

2. If the incident or accident is severe and requires medical attention, the family is to be contacted immediately by management. The emergency contact person will be notified if the family is unavailable or cannot be reached.

3. Families must fill out and sign a Parent Agreement Form before the child attends Wee Care Daycare.

· This form permits Wee Care Daycare to call 911 for medical assistance, and if necessary, the child will be transported to the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital.

4. In case of serious injury/emergency, an employee with their First Aid Certificate will administer First Aid to the child and provide care within their abilities. If the situation requires medical attention/assistance, 911 will be called. The child will be transported to the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital if necessary.

5. Parents are responsible for the costs of any medical assistance that may occur.

6. All incidents, accidents and illnesses that occur while a child is in our care need to be recorded on our Accident/Incident/Illness Report Form. The person/persons who pick up the child from daycare must sign the form. If the person who picks up the child is not the child’s parent, the form must still be signed by the individual who is picking up the child. Educators will advise individuals picking up the child to ensure they notify the parent of the incident/accident. The form must also be signed by a parent the next time the parent is dropping off the child.

7. Wee Care Daycare will immediately report any incident listed below that occurs while a child is attending the program or any other incident that occurs while a child is attending the program that may seriously affect the health or safety of the child.

· Incidents and accidents include but are not limited to:

· An emergency evacuation

· Unexpected program closure

· An intruder on the program premises

· An illness or injury to a child that requires the program to request emergency health care or requires the child to remain in the hospital overnight.

· An error in medication administration by program staff or volunteers results in the child becoming seriously injured or ill and requiring first aid, or the program requesting emergency health care or requiring the child to remain in hospital overnight.

· The death of a child

· An unexpected absence of a child from the program (i.e., a lost child)

· A child is removed from the program by a non-custodial parent or guardian.

· An allegation of physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect of a child by a program staff member or volunteer

· The commission by a child of an offence under an Act of Canada or Alberta

· A child was left on the premises outside of the program’s operating hours.

8. An initial report may be made by telephone to the local Child and Family Services licensing officer. The incident reporting form must be completed and submitted to licensing staff by telephone, fax, or email within two days (48 hours) of the incident. If reporting an incident outside of licensing’s regular office hours (8:15 am-4:30 pm), contact the Crisis Line at 1-800-638-0715.

9. When an incident occurs, the director is notified immediately by the involved educators. If the director is unavailable, it will be the coordinator's responsibility to gather the information from the educators involved.

10. If the director is away for 24hrs or less, the coordinator will inform the director of the incident upon return to work. Therefore, it will be the director's responsibility to gather the necessary documentation and send it to the licensing holder within the 48-hour time frame. Any pertinent follow-up information will also be sent.

11. If the director is not back within the 48-hour time frame, it will be the coordinator's responsibility to fill out and send the necessary documentation to licensing.

12. If there are circumstances that will prevent the report from being submitted before the 48hour time frame, the director will place a call to the licensing officer before the deadline.

13. If the licensing staff cannot be contacted, the information will be provided to the Regional Office within two days.

14. All incidents will be analyzed annually, and a report will be submitted to the Regional Child Care Office using the prescribed reporting form.

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