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Communicable Disease


Children are not allowed to attend daycare if they suffer from a Communicable Disease under the Communicable Disease Regulation (AR 238/85) Schedule 1 from the Licensing Standards and Best Practices in Child Care.

Communicable diseases include but are not limited to:

· Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

· Chicken Pox

· Diphtheria

· Hepatitis A, B, or C

· Measles

· Scabies

· Meningitis /Meningococcal Infections

· Fifth Disease

· Rubella

· Tetanus

· Tuberculosis

· Hand Foot and Mouth


· If an employee knows or has reason to believe that a child may suffer from Communicable Disease, they will discuss the situation with the director.

· The director will notify the parent that they must pick up their child immediately from the center and not return until the director approves.

· The child will be separated from the other children and moved to the office, where an employee will care for them until the child is picked up.

· If a child has been exposed to or contracted a Communicable Disease, the family must inform the center of the information.

· Wee Care Daycare will inform Public Health and families if two or more cases of a communicable disease are reported.

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