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Children’s Challenging Behaviors


1. The following behaviours are unacceptable at daycare:

· Intentional physical contact to cause harm to others (Hitting, Kicking, Pinching educators, and other children)

· Choking

· Spitting

· Biting

· Foul Language

· Running away from educators

· Refusal to listen to educators

· Extreme temper tantrums

2. If educators are having difficulties with a child’s behaviours, our first step is to get Inclusive Child Care involved to get outside feedback and support for educators and families.

3. Families will be expected to be involved with Inclusive's process. This requires family teamwork, inclusive support workers, educators, and management. If families are not fully involved with this process, childcare services may be terminated without notice or a refund.

4. If families refuse to have Inclusive Child Care involved, childcare services will be terminated immediately, and fees will not be refunded.

5. If a child’s behaviours are unmanageable and put the child, peers or educators in danger, families must pick up the child immediately.

6. If a child is sent home three times for behaviours, childcare services will be terminated immediately. Families will be asked to sign a Challenging Behavior form if a child is sent home. Childcare fees will not be refunded for the month.

Terminating childcare services is never easy, as we feel all children are unique individuals. However, we must ensure the safety of all children and educators in our programs. In some circumstances, a childcare centre setting may be too much for a child to thrive in. Some

children do require smaller group settings. Inclusive Child Care can help families find appropriate care.

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